Using the Incremental Exports API

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  • Jake Henningsgaard
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    Charles Nadeau I'm looking for a way to get ticket history for a given user. Incremental Export API feels like the solution, but I'm wondering if I'd have to hit it twice to get an updated list of tickets, and list of users. If the `item = tickets`, what is returned in the `tickets` field? If the `item = users`, what is returned in the `users` field?

  • Alex Kolodzey
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    The "one-time" aspect of Step 1 of the workflow does not seem fully-described. I have a few questions, though I am a bit naive when it comes to web dev so the answers may be obvious:

    - Under what conditions/time-frame is "You should not use this API to repeatedly export complete data sets." relevant? For example, does it mean that I should avoid requesting the "first scheduled export" more than 1/minute? 1/day? Ever?

    - For how long does the "memory" about the "first scheduled export" persist, and can I retrieve it some other time from Zendesk to continue checking for updates? Step 3 seems to imply that it is the client's responsibility to store it, but step 4 says to "retrieve the saved cursor pointer or end time" which may imply that I would be able to query the API for the saved cursor/end time without performing Step 1 again/saving it myself.


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