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    Arlene Salgado

    Hi, Charles
    How can I export less than 1000 records with the incremental ticket API??
    I've tried with something like this:
    but doesn't works.

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    Dwight Bussman

    Hi Arlene,

    There's a few things going on here:

    1. I don't believe the incremental exports endpoint accepts the per_page parameter.

    2. It looks like you're trying to use /api/v2/exports/tickets, which is a different endpoint from the api/v2/incremental/tickets.json used in this article. 

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    Kashish Dup

    According to article, the maximum record I can get during ticket's incremental export is 1000. What about other incremental export objects?

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    Dwight Bussman

    Hi Kashish,

    Per the incremental exports pagination documentation, all incremental exports pages should return up to 1000 objects.

    "When paginating through an incremental export result set, use the count property to determine when to stop. These endpoints return up to 1000 items per page. If count is less than 1000, then stop paginating. Otherwise, use the next_page URL to get the next page of results."

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    Edward Ionescu (Edited )


    Incremental tickets export doesn't work as expected. You can't export new tickets, only the updated tickets. You can't reach all the pages, for some reason - probably the last page is below 1000 records thus not showing? According to the incremental export, I have no updates on tickets since 05.11 which is impossible. 

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