[BREAKING]: `PUT /api/v2/suspended_tickets/:id/recover.json`

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  • Maxime

    As an FYI to anyone following this breaking change announcement we have started to roll out this feature

  • Steven Yan

    We have put this rollout on hold until further notice as we investigate an issue encountered during rollout.

  • Joe Palmieri

    Any updates on this? Is a fix in the works, or should we forget about this feature for now? Thanks!

  • Claudia Pelagatti

    Hello Joe,

    I have touched base with both our developers and product managers, and I can confirm that our developers resumed their work on a fix for this to unblock the breaking change

    I am afraid I cannot provide an ETA as to when the fix will be deployed

  • Joseph McCarron

    Just to be clear: while development work has resumed this DOES NOT mean there is an imminent release.

    We'll put a post in here well in advance of any release.

  • Joe Palmieri

    I figured. Thanks for clarifying, Joe.

    Can I count on another "breaking change" dev email before it goes into effect, or will it only be announced in this thread?


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