[API UPDATE] Account-wide API rate limit rollout

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  • Jonathan Nathanson
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    Your article doesn't explain what the rate limit is for that you have added in addition to the rate limit described here:


    Basically, your article doesn't make sense. Could someone clarify?

  • Maxime
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    Hi Jonathan

    Sorry you didn't understand the article. The difference is explained in this sentence:

    "This rate limit is in addition to our published API rate limits (200 RPM - this limit is not changing), which currently only rate limits REST API requests from third party clients."

    Most our REST API endpoints carry a 200 RPM rate limit (on our legacy plans) and a respectively 10 RPM, 200 RPM, 400 RPM and 700 RPM on our new plans (see zendesk.com/pricing) when making requests from a third-party client.

    The limit described in this article is an account wide limit that applies to requests also not coming from a third-party client. For instance if an App is running in your Zendesk and making API calls, it usually doesn't get counted towards the standard rate limit, in order to prevent "rogue" Apps from harming Zendesk we introduced a new account-wide limit.

    Does that help?



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