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    Is there a problem?

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    Gideon Steven Tobing

    Thank you @Charles, really helps me.. 

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    Göcs Jëss


    paste repository { maven ... } to app\build.gradle

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    Malik Kaushal

    guys i'm having one problem in my gradle. i added one dependency to the gradle but still saying InputSplit class not found exception. so can any one help me?      As i given below one link which is having code and gradle file also. please have a look once.       


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    Alex Puhalschi

    can you please update library version in this tutorial, got an error because was not using latest version, and I wasted some time until I found out. Thanks :) 

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    Charles Nadeau (Edited )

    Hi Alex,

    I updated the SDK version to 1.4.0. in the article and keystroked it. Thanks for calling the problem to our attention.


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