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  • Bambang Heri Setiawan
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  • Amber Star
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    "With anonymous access, you can choose to identify users or not:" How Zendesk? HOW!

  • Gofran Shakair
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    Hello Amber,
    The SDK will use the device identifier to associate all subsequent requests from the same device with the anonymous user that Zendesk creates with the name "Mobile App User".

    if you are having other problems creating anonymous access please refer to developer docs here:

    Hope this helps :)

  • Garrison Shepard
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    possible authentication issue.

    used anonymous authentication and identified the users name and email in the request. able to load both Zendesk stock request view controller and help center and it successfully integrates into our current Zendesk system.

    however in tests its only working on one device at a time. if one phone has the app installed and runs it no other phone can pull data from the Zendesk api, no view request inbox, and no help center articles.

    we just followed the basic Zendesk tutorial. it is not a device specific issue, because if we delete the app and build it on a different device it will all data. its just only one phone will get data at a time. 

    not sure if this is an authentication issue, any recommended steps to take next?



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