How anonymous identities work in the mobile SDKs

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  • ofir.antebi

    We tried it with multiple users / devices and the problem still exist, we thought that maybe this is related to the pro-guard settings in the library ..

    I sent an email to the support team, I'll be happy to get a response ASAP as this is a critical issue for us.

    Thank you!

  • ofir.antebi

    Hi Barry,

    We are working with your "support providers" SDK for Android and we are getting "Couldn't authenticate you..." error with error code 401.

    We are having this issue only in the release application, in debug everything is working just fine.

    As you explained above, we are setting an "AnonymousIdentity" with name and email.

    Do you have any idea what is the reason for such error?

  • Bryan Flynn

    Hi ofir.antebi -- I know your issue has been moved to an active private ticket, so just commenting that point here.

  • Barry Carroll


    It would be best to open a ticket with us by emailing

    With that said, there are not many reasons for an anonymous identity to give you a 401. Try using an email address that isn't associated with an agent, and ensure that the user is not suspended in the admin interface.



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