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  • Hemang
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    I am using ZenDesk Chat API for iOS

    This is the version and installing it using CocoaPods:

    'ZDCChat/API', ''

    How to fetch the chat history for a "Guest" user?

  • Jovan Witherspoon
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    All I gathered from this site was if I was dealing with Tickets and Requests.  That means nothing to me yet.  Can you explain or give some real world situations where I would love to make use of the Zendesk API?

  • Joey
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    Hi Jovan-

    The answer to your question can get complex pretty quickly, and this format is probably not the best way to communicate. I work with developers who leverage our product's platform (which includes our various APIs - more here), and would be more than happy to set up a call or screenshare with you to go over any and all of your questions. Please let me know and I can create a ticket where we can continue this discussion as well as schedule my aforementioned call.


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