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  • Miguel Leite
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    Hi there Charles,

    first of all, thank you for the great article, I think it's pretty much relevant to have such information about Sideloading in Zendesk.

    I went through an issue related with the sideload of the users list along with a request of all articles from a single category. I'm using the following URL to make that request:


    As a response, I get a listing of all articles, as well as the listing of all the sections specified in the list of articles. However, there's no list of users specified in the articles in the response.

    Am I possibly doing anything wrong?

    Thanks in advance,
    Miguel Leite

  • Charles Nadeau
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    Hi Miguel, sorry for the late response. Just got back from vacation. I suspect it's either a bug or some kind of limitation with the category-level article listing endpoint, `/api/v2/help_center/categories/{id}/articles.json`. In my tests I can confirm that it sideloads sections and ignores users. However, with the section-level endpoint, `/api/v2/help_center/sections/{id}/articles.json`, it sideloads both sections and users. I'll follow up with our HC developer team.


  • Charles Wood
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    Hi Charles,

    It doesn't look like Ticket custom fields can be sideloaded at this time. Do you know if there's any plan to add that capability?

    Charles Wood

  • DanielGeek
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    Hello, I have the following error when consulting this url

    <title>The page you were looking for doesn't exist (404)</title>
  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hi Daniel — make sure your Help Center is enabled. It's not turned on by default. See Enabling Help Center in setup mode.


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