[Delay]: Changes to Phone Number Validation

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  • Daniel Pawluk
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    This article was updated with a note. Phone number validation is now available for all accounts.

  • Jamie Noell
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    In doing Text testing, sometimes, Zendesk is adding an internal note (see below), but the text is actually delivered via text.  At other times, Zendesk does not show the message.  The number is US and is in +1xxxyyyzzzz format.  How are we to interpret this message?

    Internal note: error - We couldn't deliver this message to "". The number must be in E.164 international number formatting.

  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hi Jamie -- This article was just to discuss new (as of 3 years ago) phone number formatting requirements related to user identifies in Zendesk Support. I think the issue you're describing will need more details and context. Can you submit a ticket with steps to reproduce?


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