Build your first Chat app - Part 4: Getting data

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  • Mikael Hedlund
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    Hi Charles,

    I've been reading your articles and found them very useful, helped me a lot :-)

    I'm helping a customer migrating apps from v1 to v2 and in the same time do some refactoring.

    I've now come to a point where i'm stuck...

    The app for this matter have two search fields used as search criteria. When hitting the search button the app sends an api request (using OAuth2) to an external site.
    The response back is parsed and put into an array as a "list of lines".

    I now want this array to be displayed in a popup modal providing the user to be able click (choose) one line and then return back to the app with the clicked (chosen) id.

    I've looked at Model Sample App but i don't understand how to use a list instead of the text box and save button.

    So my question is basically, how to display a search result rendered i modal popup and being able to click/choose from that list and have that back to the app.

    The app resides in ticket sidebar.

    If you could point me in any direction or perhaps provide some guidance i would be very grateful :-)

    Thanks in advanced!


  • Joey
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    Hi Mikael-

    I would suggest checking out this post from Stackoverflow on creating an unordered list from a javascript array.

  • Mikael Hedlund
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    Thanks Joseph, i think i got the array covered :-)

    it’s more about opening a modal popup with the array content as clickable lines/rows.

    When a row is clicked the chosen row id should be sent back to the app window displaying more info for the chosen id and modul popup closed/destroyed.


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