Build your first Support app - Part 2: Designing the user interface

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  • villu
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    I like to develop the app in Pure Javascript code, Is that correct or compulsory to use Templates ? 

  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hi villu. Yes, you can use straight JavaScript. Using a template engine is described here because they can be helpful but they are definitely not necessary.

    Apps live in an iframe, so you can stick with just JS or bring in other libraries of your choosing.

    Related, know that the var client = ZAFClient.init() object that's mentioned is what connects your app code to the parent Zendesk Support product. You need to maintain that client object to perform operations back to the main product (such as client.invoke, client.get, client.set, etc).

    Templates help you reload part of the page without reloading the entire page. If you reload the entire page you may lose the 'client' object that was originally initialized with underlying query parameters from the framework. Watch for that.


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