Building a server-side app - Part 5: Deploy the app

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  • malay sah
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    Hello Charles,

    Thanks for such a nice tutorial first.Learnt a lot.

    I have stuck at last while pushing web app to heroku: git push heroku master

    It fails with error:

    remote: -----> Python app detected
    remote: ! Requested runtime (Python 3.5.2) is not available for this stack (heroku-18).
    remote: ! Aborting. More info:
    remote: ! Push rejected, failed to compile Python app.
    remote: ! Push failed

    I checked Heroku support but didnt find anything.

    So thought of asking you.






  • Charles Nadeau
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    Hi Malay,

    As I write, Heroku supports the following Python 3.6 or greater. In your requirements.txt file, change the line `python 3.5.2` to the version you're using.

    You can check the version by running the following on the command line on your system:

    python -V

    If you're developing the tutorial app in a virtual environment, specify the version used by the environment.

    If you have version 3.5 or less, you'll have to update Python -

    Hope this helps.


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