Announcing Zendesk Marketplace ratings and reviews

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  • Martijn Snels ·

    Will it be possible to add the reviews as a channel to Zendesk Support like Google Play via the Channel Framework?

  • Erica Wass

    Thanks for writing, Martijn. Could you tell me more about the Workflow you are thinking of that would be useful for you?

  • Allen Hancock

    Like Martijn, we also have a presence in the Zendesk App's site.  We'd love to be able to act on any feedback we receive on an app's listing, and a feed in to our Zendesk seems like a great fit, allowing us to reply to our reviewers.

    To manage feedback via the Zendesk Channel Framework seems like a natural fit.


  • Allen Hancock

    As for this change in rating placement, I think it's a great step forward. Saving Zendesk agents precious app height, and allowing a more complete view of how Zendesk Apps are perceived. 


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