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    Jonas Dunkan

    Great update! Can't wait to get started with this!!

    I have a clarifying question that I hope you can help to elaborate. We are supporting customers in 10 languages, so we are a heavy user of departments and assigned chat routing. For us it is important to know more specifics about this limitation before we get started:

    Does not fully support Assigned chat routing. Assigned chat routing will only work if the agent that uses the Conversations API is the only agent in the department

    What is possible with chatbot and assigned chat routing? Can you give an example of a flow where the chatbot hands over the chat to a human?

    // all the best, Jonas

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    Yu-Hsuan Chao (Edited )

    Thanks Jonas!

    To answer your questions - a classic scenario is when you've deployed a chatbot, say, for customer support (FAQ) function and you put the bot in a dedicated department <FAQ Bot Department> and let all incoming visitor messages to go to the bot / department.

    The chatbot would greet and resolve FAQs that are already in the bot's KB / engine. When the bot can't answer a certain question, or when the visitor is unhappy with the answer provided by a bot, the bot then can show a list of departments for the end user to choose from and transfer the conversation to that selected department. 

    The limitations mentioned for bots + assigned chat routing is that currently, bot routing works on a department level (as opposed to more granular, individual agent skill level). All the transfers to/from a chatbot are working on a department-to-department level for now, and a chatbot wouldn't know it's supposed to pick up all the new conversations transferred into a department if it's sitting in the department along with other human agents.

    Hope this helps :)

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    Zain Zohaib

    Can we see this feature in action, is there a demo available?

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    Polomi Batra

    Hi Zain! You can sign up for a demo here:

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