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    Thomas Verschoren

    If the Proporties contain an URL value, is there a way to display a link?


    E,g. we have now linked Freshbooks Estimate creations to user tickets.

    Would be useful to embed a link back to the freshbooks item so we can quickly see the invoice.

    I tried doing an HTML escaped href= but that just added text.

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    Charles Nadeau

    Hi Thomas, you might also try cross-posting your question in the Events API forum:


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    Cheng Ying Tang

    Hi Thomas,

    I'm assuming you are referring to the Customer Context timeline rendering links, as if you were just using the API you would be able to render it in whichever way you would like it.


    Adding a link that is clickable during the hover state is certainly a possibility. I will bring this up with our front end engineer!

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    Thomas Verschoren

    An example will make it clearer:


    I use the following json to create an Event

    "user_id": "12345",
    "type": "newinvoice",
    "source": "freshbooks",
    "description": "New Invoice 2018/01",
    "created_at": "2018-12-13T17:51:00Z",
    "properties": {
    "amount": "98.74",
    "link": ""

    But having the link at least clickable, or replacable with

    {title: "invoice 123", url:""} would be neat.

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    Sander Verhaeven



    Would it be possible to show the source of an event in interface? It would be nice if we could set an icon as well.

    "user_id": "11962081749",
    "source": "Akti",
    "type": "Planned_Intervention",
    "created_at": "2018-11-05T22:26:00Z",
    "description": "Plan Intervention"

    would result in 

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