Making the widget pop up after a certain amount of time

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  • Admin
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    Hey there, thank you and where can I find an info about adding text to this widget. We want to use only on one page of our website and contain a certain message 

  • Joe Bell
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    Hi Nora

    can you set this so the widget only pops up on certain pages on the site, or helpcentre?

    I.e if a customer has been on the payment page for 60 second?





  • Darrell Winner
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    This is great.  I have a client trying to simulate the LiveChat popup, which this does admirably.  However, I was perusing the zopim API and I can't quite find what I'm looking for to complete this.  Ideally, I *don't* want the widget to popup if there are no agents available (status 'offline') (i.e., I don't want a contact us form to automatically popup).   I notice in the API documentation there is setStatus, but no equivalent getStatus, so I can't seem to get the right conditional to control the popup behavior.  Then again, java scripting is not exactly in my wheelhouse, so I may be missing something.  Is there a way to do that?


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