What is the Sunshine platform?

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  • tess hsu
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    Hi Charles,

    If in my case I need to develop Return merchandise authorisation system, in my understanding, it has to go to sunshine platfrom then : 1 connect to Custome object API in order to get orders and products data

    2. then use Events API to customise service interation like put statu return merchandise/ decline repaire etc

    3. also use profile API to create an inframe view block for customer fills the form

    is this the correct procedure? or I read your article of Building-a-custom-ticket-form-with-the-Zendesk-API, it has better way to develop with this way ?

    thank you so much

  • Leonardo Elizeche
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    uso Zendesk desde hace 6 años (support) y ahora quiero saber si es posible conectar mi base de datos de compras de mis clientes con SELL

    no queremos exportar los datos a sell, sino que SELL lea los mismos en mi base de datos.

    O sea Sell deberia consumir mi Api

    Esto es posible usando Sunshine?

    muchas gracias


  • Jemuel Pilapil
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    Hola Leonardo,


    1. No es posible con la conexión de base de datos hoy, pero estará disponible con Apps Framework a finales de este año.
    2. ¿Qué quiere decir con esta "O sea Sell deberia consumir mi Api"?
    3. No es posible con Sunshine.

  • Josie Conijn
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    Hi there, 

    Is there a limit to how much data can be stored in Sunshine?




  • Bryan Flynn
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    Hi Josie -- here's the documentation on Sunshine Custom Object data limits:
    Storage Limits

    "Sunshine Select" is essentially an add-on that gets you higher limits. Both require the Enterprise plan. Note that these limits are across all objects (IOW, all object record counts collectively can't go over these limits). Hope this helps!

  • Charles Nadeau
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    And each object record can have up to 32 KB of attribute data. See https://developer.zendesk.com/rest_api/docs/sunshine/resources#json-format.


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