Making calls by clicking a phone number in Support

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  • Aleksandr Ishmuradov
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    >The phone numbers in tickets and profiles are activated by installing a Zendesk app that listens to the voice.dialout event in the Zendesk Apps framework.

    Has something changed to this statement recently? I just disabled all apps and still have "Call this number" in both ticket and user views and can click it. It naturally leads to "There was an error completing your call." error appearing.

    We are completely dependent on this listen-to-enable contract in our app (3rd party call center), and now things have become worse. It seems we can still handle voice.dialout event, but the error message is shown all the time!

  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hi Aleksandr — because this might involve account specific info, let's pick this up in a private ticket. As far as I know, nothing recently changed but this sounds suspicious. Please check your email and we can pick things up there.


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