Profiles and Events API migration guide

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  • Matthew Bass
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    In the docs above, updating profiles via PATCH has a warning that "updating the emailphone_numberfacebooktwitter and sdk identifiers on a profile may result in changing the contact details on the associated Zendesk user." This is entirely unexpected behavior. I would expect patching to only ever change data on the profile being updated, but apparently patching can also result in the associated Zendesk user's data being changed as well. IMO this is very bad and should be changed. Patching a profile should never result in a Zendesk user being changed. At most, an error message should be returned.

  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hi Matthew -- I created a private ticket, so that this can be discussed in more detail directly with you. Please keep an eye out for it in your inbox.

  • James Hanley
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    Hey Matthew,

    Great feedback. We'll update this part of the document because it's not entirely accurate. Here is the full set of rules;

    • If the identifiers provided, don't match an existing user, we will create one
    • If the identifiers provided, match an existing user, we will; append any new identifiers, never remove or replace any existing identifiers
    • If the identifiers provided, match a different user, we will return an error

    The paragraph you have copied refers to the second point - appending new identifiers - but it reads like we overwrite existing users, and this is not the case.

    Hope this helps clarify, please let me know.



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