Accessing profiles in Zendesk apps

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  • Jongwoo Hong
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    Hi! @Charles Nadeau! Thanks to this kind guide, I was able to study all of Bulid your first Support app.

    We are currently using Profiles and Events of Zendesk Sunshine App.

    I wonder if you have any plans to provide an app guide or file to view the contents of Zendesk Sunshine as shown in the image below.


    The source of the image is


  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hi Jongwoo. Are you asking if the custom app's functionality that you referenced will be incorporated into the native product? If that's the question, there will no doubt be refinements with how this information is displayed in the agent interface over time but I can't say if it will appear exactly that way. Please clarify if I'm off base here.

    Also, check out Getting started with Sunshine profiles - it might give some additional details around Profiles and Events that you fine useful. Thanks!


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