Removal of the API Console

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  • Amie B
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    Hi Team,

    It would have been nice for this feature to be set with an EOL date like other ZD features that are depreciated over time; as opposed to it just being pulled over a long weekend. I was leveraging this console daily for a customer project, as it was easier for me to use in the short term than messing around teaching myself Postman. An EOL date would have been nice so I could transition over in time to using Postman and feeling confident in using it before the cut-off, without being caught out like I have been today with my pants down. 

    Apologies in advance if an EOL date was announced and I missed it. 



  • Michael Corlett
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    Pretty poor to just pull it without notice if that's what took place

  • Rob Meyers
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    That's really a shame, this was a really useful tool since we use an SSO sign-in process and don't provide passwords to the users who used this.


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