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  • William Little
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    In the UI, I noticed that Triggers with an action rule for 'Answer Bot' have an action rule target field value of 'deflection' when queried by API. If you attempt to create a trigger with the same config you received from the API query, you receive this error "Invalid rule target: deflection".

    Is it possible to create configs with action rules for 'Answer Bot'?
    If this is not a bug, could we get an updated list of the values that could exist vs those that exist but cannot actually be set by the API?

    Checking the request body when creating the same config from the UI, I can see a field value of 'deflection' is used and accepted. It seems that 'deflection' is either the wrong name with the Support API or it's just not exposed to the Support API?

    BTW: The Support API docs for Triggers has a broken link to this actions reference article. Perhaps both of these reference articles should be moved into the actual docs?

    BTW1: The conditions hyperlink in the second sentence of this article is missing the 'h' in 'https'.

    BTW2: I don't believe the conditions article mentions the 'received_from' field.

    Edit: I believe I understand the problem now after encountering a similar error "Invalid rule target: received_from". The Zendesk instance I was trying to create this trigger on did not currently have any Sharing Agreements active. Once I created the Sharing Agreement, I was able to create this specific trigger action. After this, I realized I did not currently have Answer Bot enabled on this specific instance either, hence the "Invalid rule target: deflection"

    Could you fix the formatting issues and add this information to the docs to help people in the future?

    Thank you,

  • Michael Germain
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    Are "About" actions available?  They aren't showing up on on API export.

  • James Dustin Batistis
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    Hi William,

    Thanks for reaching out about this.

    Can you please specify the workflow that you are trying to achieve here? This would greatly help us in determining the next steps for you.

    As for your feedback in the article, we'll take note of these and get this fixed as well. Really appreciate you pointing these out.

    We'll wait for your response.

    All the best,
    James Batistis | Associate Customer Advocate


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