Creating and updating tickets

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  • Anais
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    Hi Darren, thanks for this article.

    I managed to add collaborators using dynamic contents (depends on a ticket field value) and the url target: api/v2/tickets/{{}}.json+?ticket[additional_ collaborators]={{}}.

    Now I would like to use emai_ccs, so I replaced additional_ collaborators in my URL by emai_ccs, but it doesn't work. Any idea why ?

  • Alex Short
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    Hi Zendesk - 

    Can we please have the understanding of how to do the below? 

    1. A user(our client)  does some action in our website. (e.g: filling a form) and we have their email address in our database. Note that user does not send any email to anybody. He/she just clicks on a button or fills a form.

    2. Our backend calls Zendesk API

    3. Zendesk should create a ticket , in a way that it seems our client has created this ticket (the ticket should be ready to be replied to the email of our client)


    Is this possible? Thank you

  • Sydney Frederick-Osborn
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    What about non-email requests - if we want to use SMS, how can we specify a customer address as a phone number?


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