Chat session cannot be routed to chatbot agent using Conversation API updateAgentStatus



  • Greg - Community Manager
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    Hi Marius! A chatbot needs a dedicated agent seat in order to function, so you will need to associate the bot with a "bot agent". Once you associate the credentials with that agent, you'll be good to go.

  • Marius Wilhelmi
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    Hi Greg,

    thanks for your swift reply.

    I already have a dedicated Zendesk agent licensed assigned to my chatbot. I am not yet sure what you mean exactly by "associate the credentials with that agent". I am using the "Client credentials grant type" as described on this page:

    It says on this page about the password grant type: This grant type is only supported on Chat-only accounts. It's not supported on Chat+Support accounts. Since we have a Chat+Support account, the password type does not seem to be possible. Is this the workflow you are referring to? I do not see though where I associate the credentials with the chatbot agent.

  • Marius Wilhelmi
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    I have now tried to create another Chat API token while signed in with the chatbot agent credentials. Interestingly, one agent cannot see the tokens of another agent, so even when I am signed in as the Zendesk owner, I cannot see a token created by the chatbot agent, which I find a bit worrisome in regards to missing transparency.

    However, the client id and client secret from the chatbot account return a 401 - invalid_client error. I switched the tokens several times and verified that the one created from my own Zendesk account work and the other one doesn't. Here is btw. part of the code I used for authorization:

    const zendeskSupportAuth = require(path.resolve(__dirname, "./zendesk_support.json"));

    const zendeskChatClientId = zendeskSupportAuth.chat_client_id;

    const zendeskChatClientSecret = zendeskSupportAuth.chat_client_secret;

    const zendeskSubdomain = zendeskSupportAuth.instance_uri_sandbox;

    const url = '';

    const data = {

    grant_type: "client_credentials",

    client_id: zendeskChatClientId,

    client_secret: zendeskChatClientSecret,

    scope: "read write chat"


    const formData = encodeFormData(data);

    .set('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded')


    .then(res => {

    console.log('ZENDESK CHAT AUTHORISATION SUCCESSFUL ' + JSON.stringify(res.body));

    access_token = res.body.access_token;


    return true;

    }).catch(err => {

    return console.log(JSON.stringify(err));

  • Greg - Community Manager
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    To provide an update here for anyone that comes across this in the future:

    The issue that we were running into had to do with the "client_type" having been set to public, when it needed to be set to confidential. Additionally, our docs are a bit ambiguous about the ID that needs to be used to make the API calls, so I'll be working to get those updated as well!


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