Request to ZD API stopped working


  • Greg - Community Manager
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    Hi Marjorie! I took a look at your other tickets that you have open with us to try and understand what may be going on. I also checked a recent suspended ticket that was sent from the email address in question in our logs and I did confirm that this was absolutely received as an email in your Zendesk instance and was not sent through our API.

    I know that you're not the developer who wrote the code snippet below, so feel free to share this next part with them directly and have them comment here as well if needed!

    The code snippet that was shared shows the function that was created to send an API request to your instance, however it doesn't show the logic that would run this function. The only thing to note in this particular snippet is that you are utilizing the Tickets API instead of the Requests API, which is what you should be using if you are creating tickets where you want the end-users to be set as the requester. I actually wrote an article on this topic which you can read here:

    With respect to determining why it is being sent from your support address, that would be something that your developers and email admins would need to work through to determine, as we can not troubleshoot custom code. I'm always happy to take a look at a code snippet that is relevant to our APIs, but the real work that needs to be done is on the development side to see why something changed when a seemingly inconsequential update was made.

    Greg Katechis | Developer Support and Enablement Engineer

  • Marjorie Cohen
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    Thank you very much for your reply, Greg! I have already shared this with our devs :)


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