Attaching custom objects to a profile and then displaying that information via Zendesk app


  • Matt Owens
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    Hey Jon, 

    Do you already have the object associated to the User object with a relationship? If so you'd just need to use the List Related Object Records endpoint with the User ID. 

      function userKits(client, id) {
    var kits = {
    url: '/api/sunshine/objects/records/zen:user:' + id + '/related/{relationship_type}',
    dataType: 'json',


    From there you just parse and display the data in the object record you want to show. 

    If you don't yet have the user associated to an object record, then you'd need to set up your relationship type, and then have a mechanism to associate the two


  • Jon Simone
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    This was very helpful! Thank you Matt Owens!


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