Updating custom user_fields on User object via API



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    Hi there Emile-

    The JSON is similar to your other post:

    {"user": {"user_fields": {"field_name": "field_value"}}}

    Hope this helps as well!

  • Rishabh Kumar
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    Hi Joey,

    I did use the approach you mentioned but apparently it is not updating the user field Manager for me. Could you please advise what am I missing here?

    Below is the script that I am using:

    curl https://domain.zendesk.com/api/v2/users/create_or_update_many.json ^-d "{\"users\": [{\"id\": \"1111111\",\"email\": \"user@testuser.com\",\"user_fields\": {\"Manager\": \"Test\"},\"organization\": {\"name\": \"Test123\"}}]}" ^-H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST ^-v -u abc@abc.com:Password


  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hi Rishabh Kumar. There's a lot of escaping going on there. Are you using Windows?

    My guess is that there's some some escaping issue going on or perhaps an authentication issue — hard to say from the above.

    To avoid having to escape and to capture the HTTP return status codes and any resulting error messages, I suggest using a tool such as Postman. It can really help put all the needed pieces into place and it avoids any escaping issues that cURL might introduce.

    Outside of that, the actual call as run and any resulting error codes/output would be needed to pursue this further.


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