How to config navigation bar color in ios sdk



  • Daniel Pawluk
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    I'm going to go ahead and move this into the SDK topic so we can get the right eyes on your issue. Thanks!


  • Mathew Cropper
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    Hi Xczhang.. Apologies that this post has gone unanswered for so long.

    If you're using the latest version of our Support SDK for iOS, this Help Center article should help you out: Moving from appearance selectors to ZDKTheme properties 

    The properties of the navigation bar in the SDK are inherited from your app. Without knowing more about your app in detail, it's hard to say what the best approach would be.

    You could either set the properties of the navigation bar when the app loads, in the initial view controller, or, if you are planning to give the Support SDK a different treatment, apply the configuration in using viewWillDisappear.



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