Query : Running private apps in zendesk support



  • Bryan Flynn

    Hi Ven. A "server-side" Zendesk Apps framework app uses a remote endpoint to host the app's assets. The app's first page to load is specified in manifest.json. The developer is responsible for this remote location.

    The remote server is not packaged up with the app itself, it just needs to be available when the app is running in the agent's browser. Where the remote server is hosted and what technologies it uses is up to the developer.

    See Building a server-side app for more information:

    Specifying the first page to display

    When the app starts in a Zendesk product, the product sends a request for the first page to display in the iframe. You specify the first page's URL in the app's manifest.json file. Example:

      "location": {
        "support": {
          "ticket_sidebar": "https://omniwear.com/apps/my_app/sidebar"

    Make sure your web app serves an HTML page in response to a request to that URL.


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