WhatsApp & SMS Integration with Zendesk



  • Joseph May

    Hi Danny-

    Thanks for your interest in our platform! There are two options I would suggest you begin, our Channels Framework & our Chat Conversations API.

    The Channels Framework allows you to build a bi-directional integration service that allows Zendesk Support and your external system to communicate with each other, mirroring content between the two.

    The Chat Conversations API lets your application act as a Zendesk Chat agent and interact with customers who use the Zendesk Web Widget or the Zendesk Chat Widget.

    Both have great tutorials, linked right in each respective introduction. Please let me know if you have any more questions.



  • Alexander

    Hi Joseph,

    Thank you for you reply to Danny. That's almost what I want to develop except a few things.

    We develop the AI chatbot that starts from interaction with a visitor without agents. As I figure out, I can use the Conversation API for it.
    In some point (when Bot has not suitable answer) the Bot makes routing a conversation to an agent and open the agent's conversation window that that should contain previous conversation with current visitor.

    Bot's answers may contain simple html, web links, images, video iframes and options as buttons.

    What the solutions/methods you may suggest for our requirements?

  • Joseph May

    Hi Alexander-

    Thanks for writing in, and you are correct - the Chat Conversations API appears to be the appropriate solution for your use case. For your additional requirements regarding the Bot itself, I would recommend looking into customization options with our Zendesk Chat Widget using our Web SDK.


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