Detect device/OS info and pre-populate ticket



  • Bryan Flynn

    Hi Matt. You mention you're not using the SDK, but I'm not sure what you mean by that. If you're writing a Zendesk Apps framework app, you'll be using at least the ZAFClient SDK.

    If you are writing an Apps framework app and using ZAFClient, then you can poke in a value into a custom ticket field using a ticket_sidebar and/or new_ticket_sidebar app that runs JavaScript code that looks something like this:

           let userAgentVal = navigator.userAgent
           client.set('ticket.customField:custom_field_1234567890', userAgentVal)

    Where '1234567890' is the ID of the custom field that you want to populate (as seen under Admin > Manage/Ticket Fields). Let me know if that helps!


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