Custom Objects External Id(s) and searching attributes


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    Shannon Anahata
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    Hi Mark. This question about filtering has come up many times. It's a top priority for us. I imagine with being able to filter on attributes, it would be easy to designate an attribute as an external ID and sort by it. Thanks for the input and stay tuned for a filter beta coming in 2019.

  • Mark DiValerio
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    *oh and if it wasn't clear, for external ids - with the purpose of rest api retrieving the custom object with the unique external id

    GET /api/custom_resources/resources?ids={...}

    GET /api/custom_resources/resources?external_ids={...}


  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hi Mark. The search feature isn't currently in Custom Objects but has been discussed (no announced plans, however). I don't know if the external_id feature has been discussed but it's not in the product right now.

    One idea is to model relationships that will help facilitate searches -- meaning that relationships with objects such as tickets or users may help in finding related information more easily.

    Maybe there are others here who can share what they've done, too...


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