Updating Custom Field data on mass


  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    If anyone has advice for Ian relating to a similar use-case, please chime in!

    A benefit of Zendesk is that it's extremely flexible and open. A possible downside, however, is there are some cases, such as this, where you may be responsible for figuring out the tools to use to create the custom solution.

    Another possibility is to use the new Custom Objects feature. This is part of the "Sunshine" platform that was recently announced. It's basically a very flexible database that you can populate and retrieve data from and associate with native Zendesk objects. You need the Enterprise plan, but it's also an option for customizations involving data.

  • Ian Maison
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    Thanks Bryan for your response, but unfortunately despite posting here and on numerous tickets nobody can seemingly provide a way of achieving what I want to do. Perhaps I’m not being clear enough so I will try again as surely somebody has experienced this.


    I have a Ticket Field with ever changing ‘custom field options’ that will increment/alter daily. I want to update this quickly, preferably by Google Sheet or Database as it’s quicker and easier than the API (which I’m yet to see a field update).

    Issues Faced:

    • 1] Custom Ticket Fields via the UI allow 1 .CSV Upload, after that you can only download .CSV, which is useless in my scenario and problematic.
    • 2] Despite 3-4 weeks of trying and an ongoing ticket, I’ve never managed to update a simple test field via Curl and the Zendesk API.
    • 3] You can only have 3000 options in a Ticket Custom Field.

    The first item is the thing that makes this process so much harder as if I could update .CSV more than once then the issue would be circumvented.

    So.. in summary - how can I quickly update custom fields without the need to go through rows for Zendesk UI? Is there a way to connect to database etc or sheets to make this change, or retain the same Custom Field ID? I’ve checked Custom Objects and it doesn’t seem to do what I require. If it does, how does it as I’m familiar with Postman.

    Any experience or insight welcome as I’m stuck on this.

  • Niall Magee
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    Hi Ian,


    did you ever get an answer anywhere on this one? I have a similar use case where I have two ticket fields which are client and site, this list is growing as we onboard new clients and sites and I want it to autopopulate ideally form a spreadsheet that I have which already populates with the list of clients and sites we have.



  • Greg - Community Manager
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    Hi Niall, this is still not an option that we have available within Zendesk. Since this request is more to do with the general product than specifically for developers, I would encourage you to share your feedback in this forum so that our product teams could reach out directly to you if they have any use-case questions!


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