Reloading Zendesk Nav Bar App



  • Bryan Flynn

    Hi Cheryl,

    This is indeed the behavior with apps and metadata -- you have to refresh the page and not just the reload the app. Putting up a notification message might help remind the user -- just an idea. Since this is an admin page, hopefully this doesn't impact day-to-day workflow.

    Depending on your account level, Custom Objects might be a way to go at some point to store setting or other data. It doesn't have this caching issue (however, it also doesn't have an Apps framework interface either and is strictly API driven right now). Just another idea.

    Hope these points help to some degree.

  • Cheryl Lane

    Hi Bryan, thanks for the quick answer. Good to know it's expected - I'll just have to work around that and set user expectations. Custom objects may be a little overkill for the settings at the moment, but I'll keep it in mind.



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