Can ticket views be sorted/filtered by Object data?


  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hi Jason -- maybe you've gotten your answer already but regular ticket views in Zendesk Support don't pull in custom object fields in this way. I know the product team is looking for ways to integrate custom objects more deeply, so this might be something in the future but not now.

    Custom Ticket Fields (Admin > Manage/Ticket Fields) can be used to sort Views, however. One possible idea is to populate a Custom Ticket Field with just the information that you want to sort by, then having the remaining data schema in your Custom Objects.

    Not knowing your full use case, Custom Ticket Fields may be enough of a solution, too. They can store a wide range of data as well, but of course that data then belongs to the individual ticket.

  • Joseph McCarron
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    Thanks for sharing your use case Jason. Adding to Bryan's comment, the ability to reference related Objects in View conditions is an integration point we're interested in providing but - in full transparency - it is currently prioritized after some other requested functionality. I'd like to keep this open as a feature request so that other customers can vote and comment on it to help us gauge the value and hear about more use cases.

    I also wanted to share another possible option for you today. In addition to using a custom Ticket Field (as Bryan suggested) you could potentially use a multiple choice User Field to apply a tag to the user representing their time zone. User tags are applied to new tickets created with that user as the requester. You could then use the tag in a View condition to filter down to tickets submitted by a user in a particular time zone that you support.

  • Jason Kadlec
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    Thanks guys - we'll look into either tags or custom fields.


    All the data we want to sort by is user-level data, so the tags would be the easiest since they automatically tag each ticket.


    The price of that, is the tags are not hidden and so there is a chance someone could remove a tag, without also updating the origin of the data that set that tag in the first place.


    Using hidden user fields, which then set hidden custom ticket fields would force people to make any change from the origin of the data... but more setup involved...

    Always tradeoffs in product development eh? ha.


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