Why are there no documentation about Ticket Sharing API?



  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hi Eldien,

    The ticket sharing features of the product have always been a bit bumpy and less than ideally documented. The "Networked Help Desk" sharing implementation in the product that you came across does indeed have pretty much no documentation except for the bit you found in that one article and the subsequent link to that project in Github.

    That said, to address your primary concerns, this area is most likely headed towards end-of-life. There are other ideas on how to better support ticket sharing that would be pursued before investing more into this particular implementation.

    I know this isn't probably what you were hoping to hear. If you have any specific use-cases or needs, please pass them along I'll make sure they get added to the recent internal conversation related to this area.

    Apologies again that these points weren't clearer earlier on and for the time investment you made in getting to this point.

    Again, if you have an specific needs, I'll make sure those get passed along. In the meantime, getting that article updated and Github repo set to private will probably be happening in the near future.

  • Eldien Hasmanto
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    Thank you for your response Bryan.


    Two of the reasons that I use the Ticket Sharing API is to avoid the rate limit in REST API (Find none so far, but not really sure due to the lack of documentation), and also to make it easier API-wise to update the ticket's custom fields. (no more updating fields by using the ticket fields numeric key, just use the field name)

    The API works well so far, however, just three days ago, I find a strange behaviour that some of the custom fields won't get updated when I hit the API, it happened for about 1-2 hours, then it started to work normally again.

    Is this also one of the "bumpy" behaviors from the Ticket Sharing API that you talked about?

    And having invested in learning this technology, is it safe for me to continue using this Ticket Sharing API for production? (As I already have)



  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    The Sharing Agreement REST APIs are stable, just the "third party sharing" area mentioned is the one in question.

    As far as any rate limit concerns, calls to this API should fall under general rate limits. If you're using the API, however, as a workaround to the more standard approaches of updating tickets and running into delays or issues, that would require additional detail -- reach out to support@zendesk.com and we can look into any (hopefully reproducible) issues that you run into. Thanks Eldien.


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