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  • Alex
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    So I did some more testing on how ticket updates and assignment work.

    Tickets update history when all agents have left the chat, not when a single agent has left. Ticket assignment only changes when the chat has ended from the customer's side however.

    The problem is, in order for human agents to correctly get assigned transferred chats in a timely manner, the customer must end the chat while the human agent is still serving them. Customers often aren't aware/don't click on the "end chat" icon, and may take hours to timeout as they are still using the page the chat is embedded on, which means that human agents can't search for the tickets they should be assigned and review the chat logs to see how to get back to customers/resolve their problems.

    I'm not sure how to solve this problem and assign tickets to the correct human agent when chats are transferred.

    I'm not sure how to retrieve the ticket corresponding to a chat in the support api to assign chats in the chatbot's backend code.

    Assigning to current user doesn't work, because current user is always the customer, as chat logs are automatically appended under customer end-user account.

    Setting a trigger to trigger on comment text like "Human Agent joined the chat" lets it fire when joining, but it seems like a clumsy workaround, especially since you'd need 1 trigger per agent. It'd also fail if Zendesk ever changes agent join messages, if users change their name, and in the unlikely scenario that the statement is uttered by a someone in chat for some reason.

    Also, I can't use triggers based on tags or search for tickets based on tags, because tags don't update until the customer ends the chat themselves, which could take hours.

  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hi Alex -- circling back to this one with some more info...

    Ticket updates associated with “chat ending” behavior: This is "as designed" behavior (that only end users can end a chat, and if they don’t, there's the need to wait for the chat to time out). Despite that, it's understood that this is not ideal and the team will consider modifying this behavior in the future -- no promise or ETA on a delivery time frame, but know that this is on our radar.

    In addition, there's currently no straightforward way for a customer to retrieve Support ticket information related to a specific chat. This is another "as designed but known that people want this" kind of thing. There are plans to address this but again, no ETA or promise of when this might be delivered.

    Let me know if this at least confirms the points you mentioned and if you have any other questions. Thanks!


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