ZAF Client Request using admin credentials


  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    No, you're correct Jonathan -- you can't make secure requests to a Zendesk instance.

    There's a related article that speaks to this indirectly:
    Making an API request to another Zendesk account from an App (error: is not a proxyable URI)

    The only workaround (that would keep the admin's credentials secure) is to set up your own backend service that ends up making the call on the client's behalf.

    This feature has been requested before, but for now, the above workaround is the only way to make admin level calls on behalf of an agent. Hope this helps at least set expectations (despite it not being what was desired).

  • Jonathan Brown
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    Thanks for the reply. Cleared it up :) 

    I feel like maybe worth some documentation just to say explicitly that the logged in users authorization can't be overwritten ? 
    May have saved a bit of time. 

    (or just allow the overwrite, but I understand that could be difficult)

    Thanks again for the reply !

  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    That's a good point Jonathan -- I'll work on getting the documentation updated to clarify this.


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