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  • Nicky Clark
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    Absolutely. As with any other email-and-response software in the world, it's imperative that when we send a reply to an email the reply goes to the sender's email address - even if that's a secondary rather than a primary address for the sender. 

    We run into the following regularly:

    • Client had multiple emails for years. They eventually retired their primary email and weren't getting replies to tickets they raised from their working secondary email. 
    • A user works from home and emails from their home email when at home, or from their secure business email when at work. They don't have both inboxes at either location, but are NOT two separate users. 
    • A user's main email is experiencing technical issues so they're emailing from a secondary email.
    • A user is out of office, on holiday, etc, so using a personal secondary email

    We use Zendesk SSO for our clients, which makes it mandatory for us to carefully curate our user list and merge all of a users emails into a single record. Replies must still go to the email they're received from, while being attached to the user. 

  • René Strass
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    I completely agree with CRSI and Nicky's statements. We have here exactly the same problem with the different mail addresses of our customers and partners (also concerning SSO) and need therefore urgently a possibility to merge different mail addresses with one account (these mail addresses should then all be usable as receiving addresses as well).

  • Jessica
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    For logging purposes, we merge email addresses but would still like our reply to go to the address from which it came. Same goes for creating a new ticket, after sending it changes to the primary address. Please make sure this is fixed and we don't get frustrating customers and partners not receiving our messages. Thanks! 

  • Sally
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    I agree with all of the above. 

    Asa temporary workaround, if you realise that the user has a second email address that they'd like to use, you can create an 'organisation' for that person, with 2 users assigned - one for each email address. 

    This allows either email address to be used, however is far from ideal as most of the time you're not made aware of is the person has two email addresses. 

    Further to that, it's just doesn't make much sense to operate in this way. Most people will have more than one email address so we should be able to recognise that without causing the above issues. 

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    Thank you everyone for your help and for upvoting this post! Fingers crossed we can get this addressed!

  • Chris Hill
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    Plus one for this feature request! Here's our use case: 

    We're able to view our users' account info within ZD using custom integrations we've built; these tools reference their primary email address. Often users contact us from a secondary address. 

    Merging their primary and secondary addresses in ZD allows us to keep their account tidy so all their incoming messages are linked to their primary address, even if they're not contacting us from it. 

    You can see the problem here. If they're not able to receive messages to their primary address, merging accounts like this is moot. 

    If we could simply CC the secondary address, this wouldn't be an issue! 

    Thanks for considering this!

  • Shelby Dobbins
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    CC'ing secondary emails would be super helpful for our users locked out and in need of assistance who we would want to email both accounts to let them know while being locked out....

  • Balazs Brauner
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    I would be also very happy to get this feature implemented

  • Christian Becker
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    We also need such a function. 
    Please ZenDesk check this feature request and implement it. With this feature many customers would be very happy.

  • Oliver Tietze
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    We have "100000+" end users and yes: we don't want redundant user profiles, especially because Zendesk seems to be designed to handle more than 1 address.

    I'd expect a address selector in the ticket (if there is more than 1 address), prefilled with the primary address, a different address optionally to be chosen.

    4 years and nothing. Please, Zendesk. How would you allow us to be customer facing if we'd have to tell our customers "yes, I see that you're writing me from address 2, but sorry, I can only reply to address 1". 

    Urgent +1


  • Joel Boonstra
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    It was about two years ago that I wrote up our use cases/scenarios over at

    The secondary email feature is completely broken and should not be used by anyone that relies on tickets created via incoming email. Full stop.

    It's bitten us twice in the last month where a client whose primary email was down emailed from their secondary address, and never received our replies.

    It's frustrating enough that replies ONLY EVER go to the primary email address, but it's also the case that the web UI does not show that the email came in from a secondary address. The only way for us to realize what's going on is to notice that the client is not responding, then view the original source of the email that they sent and see that it came from a secondary address.

    Please fix this, or if that's not possible:

    • Add a large warning on emails that come in from a secondary address
    • Remove the secondary address feature entirely

    Thank you.

  • Katie Yoder
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    Perhaps I shouldn't have had this much faith in ZD, but I just assumed that emails were delivered to both the primary and secondary email addresses associated with an account.  If this is not true then we should NEVER merge user accounts, ever. 

    We have a lot of users that have more than one user account and will email us from either account indiscriminately.  However, they will expect to get a response to the same email address they sent the email with.  With the current logic, this does NOT occur if the user has a single account in ZD with multiple email addresses.  I don't understand how this is helpful for us (your customers) or more importantly our customers.

    At a minimum, the logic in Zendesk should be to reply to the same email address that the email was received from.  Ideally, responses would go to the senders original email address and allow agents to CC secondary email addresses.  Can you please give an update on options?  Separating all accounts with multiple email addresses just makes it harder for us and our customers to search ticket histories for relevant information.

    FYI, we have been merging customer accounts for years and only recently had a customer point out the negative side affects.  It's a fairly good assumption that a majority of your customers don't realize how detrimental that action is.

  • Oliver Tietze
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    What I think is even worse is that "sending an e-mail to a customer" is even not what Zendesk designed to happen. The design is "adding an update to a ticket" and after this, and totally intransparently, triggers handle the notifications, without showing in the ticket even what HAD happened (not to mention that it would be much better UI to show/select beforehand what SHOULD happen).

    We currently have big issues with phone contacts that has (yet) NO e-mail address assigned to, and our agents send updates to nowhere because the contact may be shown as "John Doe" with no indication "Phone only!". Especially in the new Agent Workspace it got worse as the original e-mail address is NOT shown on top of the conversation anymore (opposed to the old workspace).

    So I have to state "things got worse", bummer.

    Best regards

    P.S. illustrating this. OLD

    vs. NEW



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