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  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hi Darren,

    So it sounds like you have your own chat widget of sorts. But when things reach a certain point, you want to hand the user off to a Zendesk chat session with an actual agent. Is that right?

    I think what you might be looking for is the Web SDK. The Web SDK can be used to write your own customized Chat widget. Check it out and let us know if that's what you're looking for.

  • Nikolai Kristiansen
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    I think what Darren is requesting is something similar to what Facebook is offering with the Facebook Handover API . The Chat Conversations API would have to support:

    1. A way to initiate a chat with an agent in a server side context without it first being initiated in the Zendesk Chat Widget or Web SDK from Zendesk Chat.
    2. Allow forwarding user/visitor messages on behalf of the user/visitor to an agent.

    In the given integration scenario, ie. for a bot to handle 1st line support in a different platform before handing it over to an agent in Zendesk Chat, it looks like it would would require a frontend implementation.

    * Are you planning to support this scenario with Zendesk Chat or is it a non goal?

  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Now and, I'd say, for the foreseeable future, the Chat Conversations API design is strictly focused on the same behavior as a live agent -- in other words, acting just like an agent that waits for chats and serves up answers when messages are received. Everything that's reliant on an already existing live chat channel.

    That's not to say feature requests can't be made (Developer Platform Feature Requests is the best place to post -- if there's more details that can be added to the above, that would help). And thanks Nikolai for the additional perspective and information.

  • Lev
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    happy i found this post, 

    Hi zendesk Team, 

    i have the similar scenario here with Darren, 

    I have a chat bot (from Oracle) on my zendesk site, and I am looking for a solution to allow our end users to chat with zendesk agent with in this chat bot. 

    Would the Web SDK for zendesk chat the solution for my project? I have been reading the documentation of it at the moment 

  • Cheeny Aban
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    Hi Lev,

    Thank you for posting on our Community.

    Our Chat Conversation API would allow an external application to host a chat session. That said, the specific implementation and testing will depend on how you would be doing the coding.

    I hope that helps



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