• Bryan - Community Manager
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    There are a couple of API documentation sections that describe CCs and Followers:

    Setting email CCs

    Setting followers

    These talk about how to use and set the email_ccs field on the Ticket resource.

    There are a number of Ticket object attributes that have set/get methods in the Zendesk Support Apps framework (see Ticket object). It doesn't look like email_ccs, however, has set/get convenience methods documented.

    Even so, If you're writing an Apps framework app, you can use the client.request method to make the call directly to an API endpoint. If you scroll down from this link, you'll see an example that uses client.request to make a GET call the /api/v2/tickets.json API. You can use this client.request method for both GET and PUT operations.

      function(tickets) {
      function(response) {

    Hope this gets you to your next step. If not, or if the above wasn't on the mark with what you were looking for, let me know. Thanks!

  • Erivelton
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    Theres any option to add a CC before ticket creation? The option provided works after creation.

  • Joey
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    Yes, please review out our documentation on setting collaborators. As Bryan mentioned previously, you would use the client.request method to make this POST.


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