[Tutorial] ZAT installation on Windows 10


  • Joey
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    Hi Antonio-

    Thanks for writing this all out. You mention our documentation is not quite complete. I covered this in a three-article series starting with this one (followed by Ruby/rbenv & Nodejs/nodenv). Was it these articles you were talking about? I'd like to make the appropriate changes to them if so. Thanks for the input!

  • Antonio Hammerl
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    Hey Joey

    Yes, you will notice some slight differences in my documentation. The problems were mainly in the absence of some dependencies installation in step 2 and 3 of the articles you mentioned and occurred on various Windows 10 devices I tested.

    The steps I had to change/add:

    - 11 (ZAT installation error)

    - 24 (app compilation error).

  • Jhoan Zabala
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    Thank you Antonio, I was finally able install ZAT thanks to your tutorial.


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