Whatsapp - zendesk with external chatbot integration


  • Aguzman
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    It sounds like you are looking for the Chat Conversations API.

    We have a similar setup going on. We have the Zendesk chat widget on our website. We don't use whatsapp but we do have an integration with Dialogflow. Essencially we have a "Chat Manager" program (middleware) that looks out for new chat messages and handles sending messages to Dialogflow (whatsapp in your case) or it transfer the chat to an agent if Dialogflow can't handle the message.

    The logic looks like this:

    1) Chat manager authenticates with Zendesk

    2) Chat manager opens a websocket and begins listening for new messages

    3) The Chat manager program begins listening for new messages. New messages are sent to Dialogflow

    • IF Dialogflow CAN handle the message, it sends the Dialogflow message response to the customer using the Conversations API.
    • If Dialogflow CANNOT handle the message, the chat is transfered to an agent

    That's essentially it. Documentation wasn't great when were setting this up about a year ago, hopefully it's better now.


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