user properties from mixpanel to zendesk custom ticket fields


  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hello Cedric Marcelino. The Zendesk Sunshine API doesn't have any native integrations to Mixpanel. While there are extensive Sunshine APIs, it's up to the integration to decide where and when to make the requests.

    All that said, I'm not sure if these would help, but there are existing Zendesk Support and Zendesk Chat integrations with Mixpanel available in the Zendesk Marketplace:

    This app is by Mixpanel:

    This app is by third-party developer Lootstrap:

    I'm not sure if one of these could take the place of what you were considering to developing yourself but thought I'd point them out.

  • James Hanley
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    Hey Cedric Marcelino, James here from the Sunshine product team, I'm really interested to understand a little more about your situation.

    What is the source of the information that is going into Mixpanel? It sounds like some could be tracking from your app (you mentioned App Version & Device ID) but others are coming from an internal source (you mentioned subscription type), is this correct? Could the source of these properties also send directly to Zendesk as user fields? Or as a Sunshine Profile?

    I'm also curious to know, it sounds like the information is about the customer, but you're looking to put the properties against the ticket and not the user - could you possible elaborate a little on your thinking here?

    I appreciate any insights you can provide.



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