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  • Kaloyan Todorov
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    Hi and Welcome.

    It's largely dependant on your organizational needs and average user skillset what add-ons you'd go for. Normally there are enough native customizations and I'd recommend to start with building advanced workflows via ticket form fields, triggers and automations before diving into free or paid 3rd party extensions, still here are few popular add-ons from my personal experience:

    • SSO (Okta)
    • JIRA
    • Select an address, for multiple email addresses
    • Emoji add on
    • Knowledge capture (operational efficiency)
    • Notification App to broadcast app/group wide messages
    • NPS survey app 
    • Time Tracking
    • Ticket Redaction, attachment restrictions (GDPR)
    • Social add ons (Twitter, FB, Insta)
    • Google Play Store (reviews integration)
    • Cheerleader (just for fun)
    • ...

    Upwards and Onwards!


  • Rudolph
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    Hey there,

    I'm the sysadmin for a company with 200 users. Here are some of the apps we find most useful:

    • Ticket History (Shows most recent tickets a user has submitted)
    • Attachments Plus (Shows all the attachments a user has sent in one location. Great for long tickets)
    • SLA Event Tracker (If you sent up SLA's, this helps you keep track of which SLA is applying)
    • Advanced Search (Great for quickly locating a specific set of tickets)
    • Time Tracking (Useful for tracking how long agents are spending on tickets. Good way to identify the more difficult scenarios your agents are facing)

    That's all! We use other apps, but these are the main ones that'll be more useful straight out of the gate.


  • John
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    Hi Cobie:

    I just added Linket which works way better than the ZD link tickets app.  This is useful to related tickets to each other.  We also use Knowledge Base, Last 5 Tickets for Requester, Attachment Manager, Sidebar Search. One of the most useful for building triggers - Hide Ticket Fields. This is great if you need to add fields in order to drive triggers.  For example, we have a field called 'vendor escalation' which is checked when another field (a vendor ticket number) has a value. Agents don't need to see that escalation is checked so we hide it, but it still works in triggers.



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