Fixed position for the reply textbox as you scroll down to older messages


  • Agustín Erquicia Fernández
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    110% agree with Leo!

  • Santi Gracia
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    Currently injecting this CSS:

    .pane_body {position: sticky;top: 0; background-color: white; z-index: 1;} .avatar-badge { z-index: 0; }
  • Vicent Gil Esteve
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    I fully support this petition as well. The current answer should stay on top, allowing to scroll over the conversation while writing a response.

  • Greg - Community Manager
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    Great points raised by Leonardo and I appreciate everyone else weighing in. Santi, I love the hackiness of the CSS injection, it really brings back the spirit of the old Zendesk interface. CSS everything into oblivion!

    Just a heads-up that this particular feedback forum doesn't have the eyes of our agent interface team, but I'll make sure that I bring this up on their radar. As we move to a new community in the next couple of months, it won't matter anyway, so don't change what you're doing, I'll just keep an eye out for this.

  • Leonardo Fratini
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    Thank you, Greg! 
    Best wishes,



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